Our Services

1. Online Consultation



Book an online appointment, Simply dial +91-9992472097


Our executive gets in touch with you and schedules an appointment


Our qualified expert visits perform the assessment and initiates the therapy.
Measures improvement over time and recommends next steps if any.


• Analyse movement
• Predict risk of injury Identify weak areas prone to injury
• Check strength imbalances
• Reduce pain
• Improve posture & mobility
• Improve Range of Motion& flexibility
• Improve Strength

2. Teaching And Training

We help physiotherapy students by teaching them various subjects and clear their doubts related to any topic in physiotherapy .We have both online / offline training and teaching classes for the interested students. We provide the students all kinds of theoretical knowledge and practical help .Students are guided by experienced faculties and physiotherapist. Classes are interactive and informative and students can clear their doubts also.

3. Ergonomics

Ergonomics the science of designing a workplace for a worker so that the workers well being/ health and productivity increases. We create :
• Individual specification design and support
• Office and industrial ergonomics design support
• Work from home ergonomics

4. Sports Injury

Sports injuries – we deal with sports injuries and rehabilitation so that a sports person can get back to the Normal fitness level as soon as the injury recovers .We help them in recovering fast and guide them how to move and perform with the higher level of performance. We deal with the following sports injuries:

5. Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapy Kids physiotherapy is entirely different and they move and think differently.

Identification and diagnosis Treatment of child with development and movement difficulties.
We design individual treatment for kids which includes fun creativity and playfulness.We counsel and educate parents also so that they can easily understand the problem kid is facing and also guide them how to deal and cure them.
Movement disorders and difficulties which we deal are:
• Delayed milestone means delay in neck holding , sitting , crawling , walking
• Unusual walking patterns like toe in gait and toe walking etc
• Clumsy & uncoordinated movements
• Musculoskeletal problems Post injury or trauma rehabilitation

6. Women’s Health

Physiotherapy is very helpful in womens health. We specialise in conditions related to pelvis, lower back, bladder, bowel, Pelvic Floor muscles.

                     WHAT WE DO ?

Pelvic floor muscle training  – prevent urinary incontinence during pregnancy and after delivery.

Core stability training with a physiotherapist – prevent and treat back and pelvic pain during and following pregnancy.

Exercises are recommended for women to elicit positive changes in bone mass and to reduce fall and fracture risk

Pelvic floor muscle training is recommended for women with stress urinary incontinence  .

7. Elderly Problems

As the age progresses elders lose strength, flexibility & mobility.To improve their quality of life, physiotherapy plays a major role by improving balance, strength, flexibility that in turn boosts their confidence and bring happiness to their life. So physiotherapy alleviate pain and discomfort and help the person to regain mobility.


Relieve joint pain – conditions like Arthritis ,gout ,degenerative diseases causes joint pain. We work on these conditions to improve the activities of daily living.

Treat generalised weakness – Degenerative changes due to age can cause general weakness.We can treat the effects caused by these changes.

Improve postural instability –  imbalance and loss of righting reflexes can cause postural instability in elderly people. We work on the factors that cause postural instability and patient feels more confident .

Improve balance and coordination – diseases like parkinson’s disease can cause difficulty in balance and coordination With the help of balance and coordination exercises, we can treat these issues.

Improve strength of muscles – As the age progresses or due to joint related problems muscles can get weak. With the help of strengthening exercises we can improve the muscle strength.

Work on Range of motion of joints – As discussed above, there are many problems which reduces the range of motion of joints in elderly people. In order to improve the joint flexibility physiotherapy plays a major role.

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