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The Chicago Bulls 1996—1996: Just for Kids Home Video features the Bulls’ historic 1996-97 NBA season, which culminated in a 1995-96 NBA championship win over the Knicks with Michael Jordan’s 30th . The Bulls’ 1995-96 season was highlighted by two unforgettable moments. The first was Jordan’s return to the championship city where he broke so many hearts as a teen idol, winning his first .
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OF THE WILD WOODS RIGHT FOR FREE HOME VIDEO. THE KETCHUP VAMPIRES. THE KETCHUP VAMPIRES II… Just for Kids… Home Video. 95 minutes, $24.95, 1999, American Family Classics. Billed as the first ninja action movie of the 21st century, the filmmakers who made The Ketchup Vampires .
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The Chick-Fil-A Classic featuring the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Just for Kids Home Video. 97 minutes, $24.95, 2004, American Family Classics. In this video, Oklahoma State University’s 1994-95 NCAA champion .
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97 Naismith: [complete] David was the only one who had ever played on that team that actually won a national championship. He’s always been like that. He just comes in here and he would be cocky all the time. If we would lose he would be the first one to come up and say, “OK, we won, and we’re a better team than you guys, and we’re gonna win.” .
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The present invention relates to a flame sensor and in particular to one that provides electrical output signals for indicating the presence and intensity of a flame.
A number of flame sensors have heretofore been described in the patent literature. However, none of these sensors provide an electrical signal in response to a light intensity which is “near” (or close enough to) a predetermined light intensity so as to accurately provide information about the intensity of the flame. This problem is solved in an inventive manner in accordance with the present invention.Evaldo Silva

Evaldo Silva (born 22 May 1934) is a Brazilian sprinter. He competed in the men’s 4 × 400 metres relay at the 1956 Summer Olympics.

1997 – The Pittsburgh Penguins’ 1997 Stanley Cup victory parade features a headline stating “Ketchup Vampires Home For The Summer”, the top of the story titled “Ketchup Vampires” above the story by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette”’s Jim Hightower.
“I wish these Ketchup Vampires would stop sucking us dry,” the story continues. “It’s summertime, and the gravy train’s on the track again.”
“We regret printing the story,” the Post-Gazette says. “We apologize to our readers for the mistake.” The story is reprinted without the offending headline and introduction. The last paragraph of the story states, “The headline was meant to signal a joke. We regret that it was taken as a statement of fact.”

1998 – In a June 2, 1998 Chicago Tribune article regarding the upcoming release of the McDonald’s archival monolith known as Is This Tomorrow?, the headline reads, “Why Ketchup Vampires Can’t Bite the Big Orange.” The Tribune says it contacted McDonald’s “for a more complete explanation.”

1998 – In an August 2, 1998 article by the San Antonio Express-News regarding the then-upcoming release of Ketchup Vampires 2, the newspaper says, “The Universal Television Unit, which is creating the sequel to its now-classic vampire movie, is not going to comment.” The article goes on to explain, “The problem arose after producers tried to do a gag with the phrase “Ketchup Vampires II”. The phrase is, uh, a bit tasteless, and they are hoping to get permission to change it.”

1999 – The Ketchup Vampires wins the 1999 Golden Thimble Award for Best Meme. The award is hosted by the San Diego Comic-Con.

2000 – In an August 27, 2000 article by the Los Angeles Times regarding McDonald’s desire to purchase the rights to the Ketchup Vampires franchise, the newspaper says, “Mc

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