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► Fetch unread messages from an e-mail account
► Reply to individual messages
► Fastest reply time
► Mark messages as read or unread
► Mark messages as interesting
► Undo any action
► Hide/unhide the menu bar
► Hiding the pop-up menu
► Customize the status bar
► Download messages from an e-mail account
► Send an e-mail directly from InboxTool
► InboxTool is able to move the selected e-mails to a predefined folder. If you wish to always have a specific mail and leave the rest to InboxTool, you can select the e-mail in the InboxTool and click the Move to Folder button.
► You can:
– Move unread messages to a specific folder
– Reply to individual messages
– Hide or show the menu bar
– Hide or show the status bar
– Mark messages as read or unread
– Undo any action
– Mark messages as interesting
– Move interesting messages to the folder Not Interesting
– Move messages to the new folder Favorites
How do you like InboxTool? Let us know in the comments. If you like InboxTool, please consider rating it on our reviews page:

Please consider contributing to maintain this add-in on GitHub:

To use InboxTool, please install it first by downloading and installing the appropriate ZIP file using the download button above. The InboxTool.ini file is stored inside the ZIP file. If you have problems in installing or using InboxTool, please contact us at:
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Organize emails by sender, date and size
Switch between concise and detailed view
Sender and Date labels will move all messages from the same sender and/or date to the same folder
Enables you to reply to message excerpts only
Can automatically mark mails as urgent
Marks selected messages as read, unread or starred
Marks important mails with stars for faster finding

And you can add all available options to the user interface:

If you’re using Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can even use the Windows’ operating system integrated search bar feature to find e-mails. For more information on how to use this feature, open System menu and select Help. Or press Win+H on your keyboard.

Optionally filter the email content with the help of Automatic Splitter

You can easily send the captured emails to the InboxTool address book


InboxTool provides you with a quick and easy way to manage your inbox.


Outlook add-in
Mailing inbox management

If you’re looking for a more powerful and free add-in then you might want to check out:

Outlook SearchMailbox Tool (aka InboxTool) from alvin (privately published)
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Here’s a link to an article from Microsoft Technet: Outlook add-ins.

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◾Set the rules for which messages should be moved to the predefined folder
◾Unread messages count and dates are displayed on the message list sidebar
◾Hiding all messages except for the selected ones
◾Monitoring the list of watched messages and sending them without notification
Using InboxTool you will always be informed when someone sends you a new e-mail message.
In addition, this tool allows you to monitor and store messages from your mailbox, and as well enables you to set the time interval (between 5 seconds and 30 minutes) for email notification.
Besides being able to manage messages, you can also set rules for moving mail messages from the Inbox to the Sent Messages.
All of your messages will be automatically categorized in folders to allow you to find them easily.
Important: InboxTool cannot, under any circumstances, display the content of a message, or download attachments.
• If the rule for which InboxTool will move the e-mail message to the Sent Messages is activated, the message list will display a new link in the right column: “Inbox”. Click on this link to unmark the message as read.
• When the InboxTool is opened, the folder where the e-mail message has been moved to will be set as active.
• To unfasten the process, click on the e-mail message and change the filter option to “No filter”.
• To select the unread messages, click on the “Unread” link which will expand to the “Unread” column.
InboxTool Support:
•For bug reports and feature requests, send a message to with the subject “Outlook add-in “InboxTool””
•For feature requests, please provide the list of features that you would like to have implemented.
InboxTool may be redistributed and/or modified under a different license.
If you use the tool and if you distribute your product under a different license, you must provide the original developers with written proof of such distribution.
InboxTool is a part of Smart Inbox Suite.
This product contains functionality that can be used in software programs.
All use of this functionality is considered a part of the product and licensed as such.
You can use InboxTool with the help of any commercial and/or freeware application, provided you are allowed

What’s New in the?

– Sort, relocate and de-file inbox messages.
– Move selected messages from one category to another.
– Receive a notification when an e-mail message arrives in your inbox.
– Reply to a specific message by selecting it from the list and click „reply“.
– Forward the selected e-mail message by selecting it from the list and clicking „Forward“.
– Reply to a specific message by selecting it from the list and clicking „reply“.
– Forward the selected e-mail message by selecting it from the list and clicking „Forward“.
– InboxTool is a flexible and useful Outlook Add-in. Create unlimited categories, import your data from e-mail servers and filters directly into categories.
You can even send those messages to your server if you wish. 
To install the add-in please, do the following:
1. Click „File“, then click „Add-ins…“.
2. Select the „Outlook“ ribbon tab „InboxTool“ from the list, then click „add“.

In order to improve the tool, we want to thank some fine designers and programmers for helping us to develop this tool:
– Mike Berlet, Business Development Representative for InboxTool.
– Joshua LaPedee, Designer for InboxTool.
– Alex Myers, Designer and Programmer for InboxTool.
– Grant Fuhrman, Business Development Manager for InboxTool.
And special thanks to Vladimir Grinkevich, The great game designer with a heart for developers, for his on-going support and promotion of InboxTool.

Version 1.4, August 2014

– IMPORTANT: Save the folder before updating.

Version 1.3, July 2014

– IMPORTANT: Save the folder before updating.

Version 1.2, April 2014

System Requirements For InboxTool:

PC Requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows XP (SP2, SP3, SP4, SP5 or later)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.5GHz or faster)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD/ATI Radeon HD3000 Series or NVIDIA GeForce GTX260/GTX270/GTX285 Series or ATI HD4870 or NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT/9600 GT or better. OpenGL 2.1 capable video card with 2048 MB of video memory, or better.

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