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A Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation Center By Dr. Pooja Dhamija

Welcome to Dr Bones Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Rehabilitation clinic

We treat a wide range of patients with multi-therapy\modalities approach. Our focus is on the patient needs and we deliver the highest level of patient centric care with better outcomes.

Online Physiotherapy

Get treatment from experienced physiotherapist in any part of the world

Teaching and Training

We teach and train physiotherapy students in both theoritical and practical aspects of physiotherapy

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Our approach is PATIENT CENTRIC as we explain the patient (after a thorough assessment) about his\her clinical condition ,cause ,effects ,treatment regime in detail .

We treat patients with INDIVIDUAL assessment and treatment approach and each patient treatment is designed according to his\her clinical condition and  needs

Dr. Pooja Dhamija


Physiotherapy for Today’s Lifestyle

We Have All Your Physiotherapy Needs Covered
Posture Correction & Ergonomics
Poor posture can lead to to many problems. Postural re-education is an essential part of treatment.
Walking Pattern
Abnormal walking pattern is very commonly seen in all age groups. We treat these abnormal gait patterns.
Tension Neck Syndrome
As the use of laptop and mobile has increased TNS has become a common problem

Elderly Care

We deal with the geriatric and age related problems
Paediatric Physio
All age group kids suffering from physical disabilities and delayed milestones
Women's Health
All kinds of gynaecology problems and prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy
Sports & Fitness
Fast recovery in sports injuries and rehabilitation is our top most priority

Pillow & Mattress

Right choice of Pillow and mattress can prevent neck and back pain


We will make you fit don't worry about it..
Experienced Physiotherapist

We provide our patients best treatment for fast and speedy recovery so that they can regain their good health.

Advance Treatment​

With all the latest equipments we provide a high-quality treatment with superior patient service

Guaranteed Results​

We treat patients with INDIVIDUAL assessment and treatment approach and each patient treatment is designed according to his\her clinical condition and needs​​

Modern Equipment ​

we provide treatment to the patients with all the latest equipments and we have a well equipped center for treatment

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Happy Stories

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More than a doctor and a physiotherapist, you are a very good mentor, guide and a humble person. Before I visited your clinic, I was little skeptical if I should go for an MRI or not because nothing was working out and my back pain was only increasing and no relief, but after just few sessions, your treatment helped me and i am back to the gym.. thank you so much....
Rahul Chaudhry
I am a dentist by profession, so due to prolonged sitting I was suffering from backache from the past two months. Then I came to know about Dr Bones. The therapist clearly explained me the whole treatment plan and also guided me the right posture to avoid the pain in future. Within one week I got completely relieved from pain. I highly recommend to those who are looking for long and lasting effects...
Dr. Esha Chhabra
Highly recommended! Have been visiting the Physiotherapist since last two years for recurring muscle related problems. She explains the problem in detail, gives appropriate timeline for problem's resolution and advices the patients in such a way so that the patient doesn't have to visit again for same issue. Amazing experience!
Rohit Dalal
A physiotherapist like you is something that nearly everyone wants, but many people never get to experience. You have been so good to my son and helped me through all the tough time. My trust and confidence are always with you. Thank you for being the best physiotherapist.
Sanjeev Kumar
This is an amazing experience as Dr. Pooja is very humble and professional .She have thorough knowledge on multiple physiotherapy disorders .It is cost effective clinic and they guarantee you pain relief with in very short time frame. I recommend it very strongly. Thanks Dr. Pooja .
Joe Alan

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